Magnets have two poles

At the root of my hatred for critical theory and modern progressivism is the simple fact that they are tearing the nation apart at the seams, and their motives for doing this are laced with a vengeful spirit. One gets the impression they don’t care what happens to any part of civilization as long as they take down the mythical Patriarchy, as embodied by white men.

In attempting to dismantle MLK’s vision of the multiracial society and denigrating the concept of colorblindness as another form of racism, the left believes they can institute race-consciousness and tribalism in all populations except white men. That is akin to creating a magnet with one pole.

As David Marcus notes in The Federalist, only an utter fool will allow people to mobilize and act against him without responding in kind.

A big part of the reason white Americans have been willing to go along with policies that are prejudicial on their face, such as affirmative action, is that they do not view themselves as a tribe. Given the inequality of resources favoring whites in our society, it is a good thing that white people view themselves as the ones without an accent. Should that change, white privilege (whatever one views that to be) will not be eviscerated—it will be entrenched.

As I white male, I refuse to wear a crown of thorns, and I’m not so wealthy as to be able to afford to fashionably act against my interests. I’m not responsible for the sins of the world any more or less than someone with darker skin.

I have privileges of various sorts, but so do many others–and we all have our own struggles as well. The particulars of this or that white man no longer matter. Did he come from a poor background, did his ancestors struggle under an oppressive yoke? Doesn’t matter. He’s as guilty as if he were the descendants of slave owners. Aren’t there privileged blacks? No, never. The sublimation of the individual into racial tribes is integral to leftist ideology. Always with collectivists.

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