The problem is the people

While I like to rail against the federal government as much as the next warm-blooded wingnut, I know the heart of the problem isn’t our elected representatives.

They actually are doing their best to give us what it is we’ve asked for, which is nothing less than our collective ruination. Observe this specimen, as reported on by the Daily Fail:

‘My main job is to keep my job, to get reelected. It takes precedence over everything.’

‘Fundraising is so time consuming I seldom read any bills I vote on. Like many of my colleagues, I don’t know how the legislation will be implemented, or what it’ll cost.’

Apparently he stops fund raising long enough to walk through the door and read the executive summary, and wham. I can’t find it in me to get angry at the fellow when he has such a foolish and decadent nation to tend to. We are getting exactly what we deserve.

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