“Hate crimes”

In Scotland a man has been arrested for posting a video of his attempts to train his girlfriend’s pug to respond to Nazi sentiments. The video is here, by the way, and gave me quite a laugh. The man isn’t a neo-Nazi, he’s using the admitted status of Naziism as the most offensive, least cute thing to get a laugh. In that way he’s no worse than the people behind The Producers. Perhaps they should go to jail as well? Or the tens of the thousands of people who have turned to the Third Reich as a source of humor?

It’s extremely counterproductive to start arresting people for making fun of national socialism. Hitler himself would definitely have taken extreme offense at someone teaching a dumb looking dog like a pug to make a Nazi salute. When you arrest someone for that, all you do is make Nazis look cool. If they weren’t, why are you so afraid of them?

Britain was also recently in the news for electing a Muslim, those famous lovers of freedom, to the mayorship of its largest city. I’m really looking forward to the day when the people who are complaining about pug dogs doing Nazi tricks are living under Sharia.

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